We are a technology consulting firm that has little to do with others. Our DNA drives us to do things differently, to be unique and genuine.


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Genuine, the best way to be Entelgy

It's not just what we do, but how we do it.

Our daily work consists of facing each challenge with a unique attitude, the one that has brought us this far and that will take us much further. And who makes that difference possible is our people: because here we care about the what, the how, but above all the who.

Because at Entelgy everything starts with you.

Let us tell you what makes us genuine:

Challenging projects for large clients; we do not know how to say no to a challenge: we are our clients' trusted partner. We generate strategic plans, we do transformation consulting, we manage, we implement, we develop..., our clients trust us throughout the value chain.

Solutions beyond tools: we are firmly convinced that the tool is the means, but the key is the answer. The most important thing for us is to provide solutions to our customers and be part of their team, that is why we are experts in digital transformation, cybersecurity, processes.

Partners of the best technologies: the latest is always welcome at Entelgy. AWS, Splunk, Celonis, Red Hat, Microsoft, Oracle, Opentext, among others... Many call it the latest technology, we call it our day to day.

Talent decides: at Entelgy you have the last word on your development, your future, your compensation and your ways of working. You decide and we go with you.

Trust and conciliation: our people are the most important. Flexibility, autonomy, responsibility... These are words that are said and lived at Entelgy.

A la carte training: we believe in collaboration, co-creation and evolution hand in hand with the best specialists in each of your areas. We provide the training and you provide the talent to develop yourself as much as you want and when you want.

Accelerated progress: At Entelgy, growth is guaranteed and enhanced. We encourage our professionals to become certified in the most innovative IT market tools. Here you will shine as much as you want to shine.

You have probably been in more companies, but none as genuine as Entelgy.

We are 100% genuine


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