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The pressure for "Time to Market", the increasingly shorter cycles for the development of new products, the optimisation of the cost of production in property, and the self-service of Cloud infrastructures are some of the Business needs that are repeated in organisations and that are vital to maintain the existing high level of competitiveness.

In the current context, the Business is facing several challenges, the internalisation of Agile models, which requires a disruptive organisational transformation, the disappearance of organisational silos, shared structures, the autonomy of professional teams, automation and cybersecurity to achieve greater operational efficiency.

At Entelgy, we drive the transformation of IT services to help businesses meet existing needs and look to the future to meet the challenges.

We provide technology, models and the talent of our professionals to improve the user experience in their relationship with all IT environments from the Help Desk to the consumption of applications and communications networks.

And all this, with the certified recognition of the most recognised quality standards in the market and alliances with the leading manufacturers in the sector.




A new mindset as a driver of change to drive IT services transformation and meet business challenges in a highly competitive environment


Efficiently harnessing information in an increasingly digitised environment to drive operations and make the most timely decisions


We focus on our professionals, their training, their motivation and their professional careers as the main source of value for our clients


We combine the capabilities of our technological and security areas with those of the leading manufacturers in the sector. We provide the best solutions to optimise our clients' business


Because when you walk with someone, you go farther.


Digital Workplace

We improve the user experience in their relationship with the Help Desk by providing efficiency in the operation and enhancing their capabilities in a digitised, remote and collaborative environment.


We drive business competitiveness by transforming applications, intelligently using emerging technologies and applying Agile models.

Business Process Outsourcing

We combine automation and talent to bring processes to their best performance ratio and operational efficiency through our Fitness Process programmes.


Quality and environmental policy

Since its foundation, Entelgy's management has been committed to quality policies and respect for the environment, including internationally recognized standards in its models and methodological frameworks. In order to fulfill this commitment, it establishes a Quality and Environmental Management System based on the UNE EN ISO 9001 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001 Standards.

Entelgy has a priority objective set out in the policy derived from the strategic plan arising from its Corporate Vision and Mission: to satisfy the needs and expectations of Clients in the provision of professional technical services and in the design, development and maintenance of information systems and to achieve high levels of quality adjusted to the requirements of the Client. The Quality and Environmental Management System controls each of the processes and the significant environmental impacts and also ensures the capacity of the service provided to the Client, as well as the detection of non-conformities and incorporates the necessary means to prevent them from happening again.

The fundamental values that Entelgy promotes as its own in this framework are:

Entelgy is Certified:

In the UNE EN ISO 9001 standard in the Provision of professional technical services in information technologies in the Central Office of Madrid and in Services of design, development and maintenance of information systems in the Centre of Bilbao.

In the standard UNE-EN-ISO 14001 in the Provision of Consulting Services in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunications.


This policy, appropriate to our organization, is communicated to staff and understood by them, there is a commitment on their part of involvement and commitment to Quality and Environmental Management.

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