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Our proposal

To transform and manage with the highest quality and efficiency the business processes of our Clients through the use of technology and the best strategy for user adoption.

Digital Business ProcessOur core: Business Process Management

Our tools: The constant adoption of new technologies

At Entelgy we work to provide maximum value to our clients in the discovery, adoption, consolidation and maintenance of new technologies that boost their business, always cyber-protected. To offer complete and integrated solutions, we transform and manage their business processes with the highest quality and efficiency, through the use of technology and the best user adoption strategy:


Analysis and Transformation

“As-is” construction of business processes working from the data sources that uphold them, avoiding the subjectivity found in traditional process improvement methodology.
Assessment of process performance, identifying the root cause of inefficiency and comparing against similar cases from other companies in the sector.



Automation of processes using robots, eliminating repetitive tasks.
Development of solutions, digitalization of processes through APPification and Microservices.
Implementation of Full Cloud Software applications that cover e2e digitalization of a process in Software as a Service or Bespoke mode.



Management and operation of IT and COM processes regarding technical aspects and end-user services.
Application in operating technologies that give customers a digital experience and the maximum “predictability and proactivity” based on continuous data analysis and application of AI/ML.



Equip the business processes we manage with the maximum logical security by developing the SecOp concept (Secure Operation).
Transformation of the user culture to achieve maximum awareness raising on securing business processes.


End user Adoption

Value offer



Analysis and Transformation

The digitalization era impacts how we live and how companies do business. Leaders understand that data exploitation gives a major competitive advantage. We interact in the process of discovering information from increasingly large quantities of data. We have a Cloud solution to quickly gain insights that encourage transformation towards a data-driven organization, providing Big Data and Advanced Analytics solutions.
As experts in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we provide solutions and models to be used in different sectors, implementing AI solutions in image, video, audio, PLN, etc.


SEAS: Software Engineering Agile Secure

At Entelgy, we provide a series of our own digital tools and developments for clients that help us to take this step we need towards tomorrow.

Thanks to our experience in multiple sectors, we can offer the best digital solutions, which we specialize according to the case of use, to manage and optimize time and resources.


Smart Operations

We incorporate cutting-edge technology and models into our services to meet business challenges.

With a new Smart Operation architecture that amasses and standardizes all data from Our Customers’ various functional domains and sends them to the applications layer (open ecosystem) for analysis and decision-making, automating the business processes and their operation as much as possible.

New approach to the customer: digital operation (intelligent/efficient) of Help Desk services, management of COM, IT & Cloud infrastructures, applications maintenance, BPOs, etc.

We transform and operate business processes using technology.
This makes it possible to create an open ecosystem for different technological partners to work together.

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