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What does Entelgy bring to the Telco and Media sector?

"We are not in an era of change, but in a change of era"

One of the great advantages of the fifth mobile generation is the transmission speed, which will make 5G the tool that will allow the Internet of Things (IoT) to become an everyday reality: the devices will share information constantly and instantly, with a speed and volume of data that is technically impossible today.

The transformation of the Telco and Media markets shows, on a daily basis, that they are one of the clearest examples of the change of era.

Furthermore, content, the reason for being and the only product in the media sector, is now also the spearhead of Telco operators who are looking for new fishing grounds and also to build customer loyalty. In the same way, the linear media channel is migrating towards the online model, where connectivity has become a key factor for the business success of any Media group. Not only to offer an optimal delivery of its contents, but also to be able to launch new business models.

In a scenario that changes day by day, the companies of these two sectors also converge in their objectives. The search for profit only through the advertising model and the product has changed and both sectors have placed the customer at the center of their strategies, seeking to know them thoroughly in order to offer a unique user experience and also monetize this experience.

What do we do?

From Entelgy we collaborate and accompany the big telecommunication operators and media groups in this path. More than 15 years of experience guarantee us. We have become the reliable and highly specialized partner in the fields of:

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