Cybersecurity services

Cybersecurity is more than a service; it is a different way of doing things and a commitment that helps us to be constantly updated and prepared for any of our clients' needs.

That is why at Entelgy Innotec Security we work to design, develop and maintain cybersecurity plans that can be maintained and evolve over time, through the correct training of teams and continuous improvement. Our teams of experts are clearly identified, with the sole objective of providing any organisation with security around their company's needs.

We have an expert and perfectly qualified team, and our commitment to continuous innovation and the combination with intelligence, places us at the forefront of the latest technology.

Red Team

With the Red Team service we put ourselves in the mind of the attacker to identify vulnerabilities that can be used to compromise your organisation's assets.

Do you know the level of exposure your company faces?

We show you more in detail about the risks you can face.


Blue Team

Our Blue Team combines intelligence and technology, enabling us to deliver effective cyber security services and solutions against the threats that can compromise the security of your organisation.

Is your organisation able to detect if it has suffered an attack?



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