Cloud Software Development


Cloud Software Development

Does your cloud strategy include an adoption methodology that considers best practices, resources and services for deploying and managing your applications in the cloud?

Entelgy's Cloud Software Development approach is based on a layered architecture and a technological framework to simplify and organise solutions, allow modular development and the construction of reusable solutions.

Cloud Software Develoment


Design the best Cloud Adoption strategy:


  Modular architecture

Layer-based, flexible and adaptable to each case:

Cloud Software Develoment

Cloud Software Develoment

  • Observability: Know the status of applications, infrastructure. Real-time control and response.
  • Secure: Compliance and practices for secure development. Audits and protection against vulnerabilities. ENS (National Security Plan).
  • Native Development: Progressive maturity model towards native Cloud development and hybrid environments. Strategy of maximum value, optimisation and efficiency.
  • Data Provision: Optimised storage. Centralisation of information. Analytics and Data Governance.
  • Infrastructure as Code: Global Provisioning of infrastructure. Automatic scaling adapted to demand. Optimised cost management.

Contributed Value

Containers | Continuous Integration | Continuous Delivery | Complete Design Strategy | Microservices | Apification | Native Developments | Data Lake


Cloud Adoption

Complete design strategy based on native components and services.

  • Identify, containerise and migrate applications to the cloud.
  • Break down application complexity into reusable functional units.
  • Refactor them to integrate them with native resources.
  • Improve application efficiency by accompanying you on your Journey to cloud.
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