Thanks to our specialised high-performance services, our experience, competence centres and professional certifications, we are able to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.  


Smart Help

Our proposal to transform the training and change management model for users to increase their productivity.


Cloud Infrastructure

Automated Security Operations is our solution for automated management, control and execution of changes in DataCenter and Cloud configuration.



Robotic Process Automation, RPA is Entelgy's solution that improves the operational efficiency of business processes.



The SD WAN solution ensures the quality of critical applications on the WAN and optimizes the experience of employees when using them.


Digital Architecture

Digital Architecture develops an enterprise API in a regulated and flexible manner, regardless of the degree of maturity of the organization in this environment.


Digital Devs

DevOps facilitates the transformation of organisations to embrace a shift towards collaboration, communication and teamwork under a methodology of a new agile development model for digital products.


Liferay Solutions

Customized solution to meet the specific challenges of an organization through a flexible and integrated digital experience platform.


Data & Analytics

As experts in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we provide solutions and models for numerous use cases in different sectors, implementing AI solutions in image, video, audio, PLN, ...


Data-Driven Marketing

Entelgy provides organizations with the ability to meet the challenges of marketing in the data age. Our experience in the technological and analytical ecosystem positions us as a reliable partner in the evolution towards Data-Driven Marketing.


Data Virtualisation

Agile, real-time access to your business operation data for analysis and exploitation - however your organisation needs it, whenever you need it.


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