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Be Agile School was born with the purpose of generating a community of people interested in transforming their organisations through Agility.

The mission of Be Agile School is to develop and prepare professionals who want to lead the cultural change towards Agility in their areas, departments, companies or organisations.

We want to share with you our vision of an ecosystem of transformed Agile organisations, whose culture is based on the importance of people, value delivery, collaboration and flexibility.


What can Be Agile School offer you?

We know that this change is the real transformational challenge in Agile and that it requires very high competencies and attitudes. We will help you to train your skills, your influencing capacity and your Agile competencies so that you can put them into practice.

At Entelgy we are convinced that true organisational transformation is based on people. Through their talent they shape the true culture and values of companies and organisations. That is why our vision is that organisations have a real and sustainable transformation thanks to the drivers.

What is the difference between Agile School and Agile?

At Be Agile School we not only train and certify Agile professionals, we are not just a mere training centre, we are a unit within a Technology and Transformation Consultancy, so the experience that our team can transfer to you in consultancy, human resources, projects, services, will multiply several times the value of the knowledge that you will take with you after your time at the school.

Who is Be Agile School for?

We address both individuals and companies.

  • Individuals: Any professional with an interest in developing new skills.
  • Companies: Closed groups of a company seeking, in each case, the adaptation of training to their actual situation and experience.

Our strategic alliances

Be Agile School is a partner of, an international non-profit organisation committed to supporting companies, organisations, institutions, universities, teams and individuals who want to explore, improve and apply the values, principles and practices of Agile to make their institutions more efficient, effective, humane and sustainable over time.

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